For all the Juventus F.C fans we bring the home, away, third dream league soccer kits. You can tải về the DLS 21 kits package using the given links. Adidas unveiled the latest outfit with a new multi màu sắc design. The 2021 jersey is very attractive and you are going lớn love it for sure. The away and third shirt has also been re-designed và has an amazing look compared to lớn the classic trang chủ shirt.

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You may be interested in importing dream league soccer Real Madrid 2021 kits. For more updates related khổng lồ DLS kits keep following

Juventus 2021-22 Dream League Soccer Kits

Adidas Juventus F.C. 2021 home kit has a classic black & white kiến thiết with a light grey tone. Adidas brings back the stripes kiến thiết after two years. There are total five stripes on the front, lower back, và sleeves of the shirt. Kit manufacturer và team shield is printed in white. Collar of the shirt has a Condivo 21 template and sleeves of the jersey has a black piping. The trang chủ uniform is completed with white shorts và stockings.

You can use the link given below to download and import dream league soccer kits 2021 of Juventus football club. This package of kit will work only in the latest version of the game and not in DLS 2019.

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Juventus home Kit 2021



The 2021 away kit of Juventus football club has a very unique yet attractive design. Base of the shirt is all đen with orange and pink small stripes on the front and back. The same pattern you will find on the shorts and socks as well. All the logos on the t-shirt are in white.

What are your thoughts on the new Juventus dream league soccer 2021 kits và logo? Let us know in the comments section. Which dream league kit you want lớn see next on our website, vày let us know.