Liverpool"s psychedelic 2022-23 away kit aims to bring club culture from the dancefloor khổng lồ the pitch


Liverpool are famed for embodying manager Jurgen Klopp"s philosophy of "heavy metal football," but they will be bringing the spirit of house music khổng lồ the Premier League with their new 2022-23 away kit.

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The Reds have used their new alternate jersey to lớn pay homage lớn the city"s famous music scene and in particular the role it played in 1990s dance music.

Inspired by clubbing and rave culture, the shirt is covered in swirling psychedelic waves of colour that create a shimmering effect akin to lớn the pulsating strobe lighting that illuminated the city"s nightclubs during the era.

It"s all in the details