Hello, guys today I am going to chia sẻ Hanoi FC DLS Kits 2022. Many of you guys have requested Hanoi FC dls kits & logos. So I have designed such amazing & colorful Hanoi FC kit dls for you guys.

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Hanoi FC DLS Kits 2022

In this 512×512 Hanoi FC dls kits pack you will get home, away, & the third kit for the whole Hanoi FC club and also for the goalkeeper. Goalkeeper’s kit is always quality from the whole team lớn indicate his role in the team. Hanoi FC dls kit trang chủ edition is in purple, yellow, and white with the AAN logo. Hanoi FC away kit contains yellow color with the AAN. AAN is a kit designer & provider of Hanoi FC. The club hình ảnh is on the bottom right corner of the jersey.

Kit DLS Hanoi FC 2022

Hanoi FC is a leading soccer club in V League 1. Hanoi FC is based in Hanoi FC. Its complete name is Hanoi FC Football Club but most of the time public did not know the clubs by their full names they knew clubs by their nicknames. Nicknames are given by fans which are most of the time more than one.

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512×512 DLS Kit Hanoi FC

For the last many years, Hanoi FC won many cups & tournaments. Chun Jae-ho is offering his services to the club as head coach. Many notable players are part of the team like Bùi Tấn Trường, Đoàn Văn Hậu , Vũ Minh Tuấn etc. Đỗ Vinh quang is the current CEO of the club. The club management has faced many tough times but they are doing well khổng lồ make the club stronger. The club fans always love and tư vấn them even if they win or thua thảm the game.

Hanoi FC home Kit

URL: https://i.imgur.com/QLLuxAZ.png


The logo sản phẩm is the main symbol of any team. It represents the history of the club. So every club gives special attention while designing the official logo. Hanoi FC hình ảnh is very simple but it looks charming. The hình ảnh has a star on most parts of the logo. 512×512 Hanoi FC DLS logo màu sắc is blue and chocolate. On the vị trí cao nhất of the logo, the HANOI word is written. On the bottom of the club logo, is the Football Club the word is written.

Final Words

I hope you guys lượt thích these dls Hanoi FC kits & logos. If you guys have any questions then let us know. Please chia sẻ these kits Dream League Soccer with your friends & family because sharing is caring. It gives us motivation so we can make more kits for you guys.

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