Last Updated on 27 April, 2019 Download France Kits Dream League Soccer 2019 with the link provided below. You can also find the logo và the steps of the installation

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If you are french or a tín đồ of the France national team, here you can tải về all the 2018 kits you need và also the logo. We will show you the images of the kits & logos. But you have to lớn use the url link in order to install them in your DLS game:

France Kits Dream League Soccer 2019 – donwloads

France home Kit DLS

This is the home kit for the France national team, the xanh one, and also the url for de 512 x 512 kit for DLS:


Liverpool Kits Dream League Soccer 2019 – DLS

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Brazil Kits Dream League Soccer 2019 – DLS

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