Chelsea F.C. 2022/2023 Kit for Dream League Soccer 2019, and the party concretes firm trang chủ packs, away, third. These packs can be used in First cảm ứng Soccer 2022 (FTS22).

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The shorts of the Chelsea 22-23 trang chủ pack will have similar three tones as the shirt, proposing that we will see the neckline detail rehashed in some structure. The socks will be primarily trắng with itemizing in ‘Chlorine Blue’ và ‘School Navy’.

Imparting its tones & subject to lớn the home shirt, the Nike Chelsea FC 2022-2023 away shirt is overwhelmingly trắng with four blue-green circles that convey the very kiến thiết that should have been visible on the neckline of the home shirt, Sharing two tones with the trang chủ as well as pieces of the plan, the Chelsea 22-23 away shirt official colorway is ‘White/Chlorine Blue/College Navy’.

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To no one’s surprise, the Chelsea 2022-23 third pullover will be the club’s last of the three principal shirts to be delivered, possible again in September. It will be joined by a full assortment of comparative tones.

It is the quái dị organization “First cảm biến Games”, and the organization’s standards specify that the units utilized in the two games are of sure sizes, they can’t be bigger or more modest, they should be in size 512×512 Kits, và this was made in the Chelsea pack 2022-2023 to be legitimate khổng lồ be utilized for Dream League Soccer 2019, all Chelsea packs were made in the concurred size to be 512×512 Chelsea Kits, and the Chelsea club peak was made in the right and settled on kích thước to turn into the Chelsea biệu tượng công ty in kích cỡ 512×512 Chelsea Logo.

Chelsea F.C. 2022-2023 Kit Home


Chelsea F.C. 2022-2023 Kit Released Nike For Dream League Soccer 2019 (Away)

Chelsea F.C. 2022-2023 Kit Third


Chelsea F.C. 2022-2023 Kit Released Nike For Dream League Soccer 2019 (Goalkeeper Home)

Chelsea F.C. 2022-2023 Kit Goalkeeper Away


Chelsea F.C. 2022-2023 Kit Released Nike For Dream League Soccer 2019 (Goalkeeper Third)

Chelsea F.C. 2022-2023 Logo


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