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FC Barcelona"s new away kit for the upcoming 2022/2023 season has been leaked online.

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Barca"s trang chủ shirt for the new term recently went on general sale at the club"s official stores & elsewhere. Until now, however, it wasn"t known what the jersey the team must use when they are on the road và the trang chủ side"s colors clash with Blaugrana looks like.

Approaching the weekend in Catalonia, however, popular soccer shirts site Footy Headlines claims to lớn have obtained the leaked design, which has been reproduced below.

Made by kit sponsor Nike NKE , the away shirt has a gold base màu sắc with dark navy logos & brings back memories of the early 2000s.

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Yet it is intended lớn be a tribute to an earlier era of the 1990s, or, more specifically, when Barcelona held the Olympic Games in 1992.

Because of this, the color and sleeve kiến thiết of the new shirt have been inspired by gold medals at the summer athletics spectacle 30 years after a memorable edition of the tournament changed how Barcelona was perceived as a đô thị forever.

On the cuffs of the sleeve and on the kit"s socks, there are the colors of the five Olympic rings.

Another interesting feature is a subtle pattern which shows a map of the đô thị of Barcelona. The outlay of the Catalan capital and one of Europe"s most popular tourist destinations is printed on to the shirt và features several grids of blocks of léman luxury in the plush L"Eixample neighborhood & Avenida Diagonal which runs through the top of the đô thị center.

The new FC Barcelona away kit will be unveiled soon, Footy Headlines say. And like last season, Barca are expected to lớn have up khổng lồ four of them with a third kit on offer và another specially-made for the Champions League.

In quick succession when the away kit has been released, Nike and Barca will also put themed tracksuits & jackets plus other apparel on sale.

Thus far, it is said that Pedri"s name and his number "16" have been the most requested additions khổng lồ the new home shirt in Barca"s official club stores.


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