Download the home and away dream league soccer kits Chelsea FC 2022-23. You can download the DLS kits package using the given URLs and set the outfit as your default kit in the game.

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Nike officially released the Chelsea FC new home and away kits. The home kit has a beautiful collar design, we will tell you more about it below. In this post, we will nói qua the dream league soccer kits URL of the F.C. Chelsea. It is the latest kit that players are going lớn use in the upcoming edition of the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, and EFL Cup. Stay tuned and keep visiting khổng lồ get updates on all new DLS 22 kits and logos of your favorite football team.

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Dream League Soccer Kits Chelsea FC 2022-23

Below you will find the links to download the dream league soccer 2022 kits of Chelsea football club. Use the liên kết in the trò chơi to tải về and import the updated version of the English team.

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Chelsea FC Home Kit 2022

Download URL:


The Chelsea 2022 home shirt is in classic blue and white color and sponsored by ‘3’. The shirt is designed on a new Nike template which is not surprising at all. The jersey also has a self-lining pattern that looks very appealing. The key feature of the Chelsea new t-shirt is its collar. It is white and teal trim which is basically a turquoise lion pattern. Apart from ‘Three’ as a main short sponsor, digital investing company Whalefin is the sleeve sponsor. The home uniform of the English football club completes blue shorts and white socks.

The Chelsea F.C. 2022 away jersey is in plain white color with sky blue lines on the front & back. It is the same pattern that is used by Nike on the socks of the trang chủ kit. The shirt’s main sponsor logo sản phẩm can be clearly seen right in the middle of the chest. The socks of this uniform are in màu xanh da trời and the shorts are in white.

All Chelsea fans are eagerly waiting lớn watch Cristiano Ronaldo wearing the new jersey. What are your views about the new Chelsea kit 2022-23? Let us know in the comments section.