Check the Dream League Soccer Liverpool kits 2022 with the hình ảnh sản phẩm in PNG format. Today We have 512×512 Liverpool kits in custom kiến thiết for you. There are many users who requested the kits of this team. So, we have just updated with the latest ones. Try to stay active with us for more kits & other important stuff.

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Liverpool is another đứng đầu tier football club in the world và it is based in England since 1892. It is the most professional team in the history of a football game. The team itself has lots of talented players và crew & participates in a lot of leagues. That’s why we are here khổng lồ published the Liverpool kits for 2022 và onwards.

Dream League Soccer Liverpool Kits 2022

The DLS Liverpool Kits are the most demanded kits and uniforms in 2022. People lượt thích the base colors of the kits and the biểu tượng logo has also very awesome graphics.

We know the game lovers develop their own graphics and kits for the Liverpool team. So, provide them all the required things & stuff which will help you a lot & gives you a wonderful experience as well.

Liverpool home Kits


Liverpool Kits logo URL

512×512 Kits Liverpool 2022

People always tìm kiếm for the 512×512 Liverpool Kits because this is the only kích cỡ that is supported in the game. You just need to lớn URL of the kits & import them very easily. The game has the option of import the kits & graphics. We have the Home, Third, Away kits, & the Goalkeeper kits as well. Follow the DLS Kits Hub for More amazing Stuff.

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All the URLs are available below the kit images. Just copy it paste it in the game import option and you are good lớn go. IF you stiff have confusion then follow our step-by-step guide khổng lồ import the graphics in the game.

About Team

Let’s talk about some achievements of this team, the FC Liverpool football team won the titles including the European Cups, League Cups, FA Cups, & others. The owner “Fenway Sports Group” manages the team very well.

This is the only reason that most of the popular pc, smartphone games developers include this team in their games like the Dream League Soccer and we are here khổng lồ provide you the DLS kits 2022.

Import DLS Liverpool Kits Kits – Guide

For newbies and new trò chơi players, we have this amazing guide. This guide will help you a lot and clear your concepts that how you can easily use the custom kits in the game. Follow this!

Search your desire kits on our website.Then find the 512×512 px kits and Logo URL.Open the URL & you will find the Kits image.Now, xuất hiện the Dream League Soccer game on your apk or ios device.Select MY CLUB in the menu bar sectionHere you can find the option Customize TEAM, click on it.Select the biểu tượng logo Edit or Kit Edit option.On that screen, you can get an option khổng lồ Download, select it.The URL insert space appear, put the URL in it (which you copy from our website)Finally, Select the Confirm option & the Kit or hình ảnh sản phẩm will automatically import.

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